Social Responsibility

Certifications and Social Responsibility

To face the challenges that the market keeps posing, Mundotêxtil has a specialized department totally focused on integrated management of quality, environment, safety and social responsibility.


Photovoltaic Panels

Mundotêxtil currently has two independent photovoltaic panels, with an average monthly active energy production of 50 MWh, included in an environmental sustainability policy.


At Mundotêxtil we uphold what is our responsibility to the environment. We have a Wastewater treatment plant in place for complete treatment, where the energy of the hot effluents is harnessed, in an average value of more than 200 MWh per month. Around 1,900m3 of effluent is treated and returned to its natural environment every day, with all the legal parameters being respected.


Process integration is the present and future of any sustainable policy. As such, we have a natural gas powered cogeneration plant, with generation capacity of 3.3 MWh and capable of producing thermal energy to supply our dyeing processes, which improves the energy efficiency of our production system as a whole.