Inovadora Cotec 2021 Award

November, 2021

Founded in 2003, COTEC Portugal is the main Portuguese business association whose mission is to promote the increase in the competitiveness of companies in Portugal, through the development and dissemination of a culture and practice of innovation, as well as resident knowledge in the country.
This year, Mundotêxtil was distinguished by COTEC, with the Statute INNOVATIVE COTEC 2021. An innovation seal that recognizes national companies with good prospects of realizing their innovation potential. The main objectives of this recognition are:

  • Distinguish national companies with high innovation performance;

  • Promotion of public recognition of companies that, due to their innovation performance, constitute examples of value creation for the country;

  • Creation of a Network of partners that value this distinction, enhancing benefits for innovative companies;

  • Ensure better financing conditions for innovative companies.