IDI Investment

May, 2021

Innovation has always been a factor in PROGRESSION, so for us, it is not sporadic in nature. At Mundotêxtil, we believe that Innovation is ongoing and have the conviction that investing in researching the challenges of tomorrow is one of the most powerful investments which we can make.

In 2020 Mundotêxtil increased its investment in R&D by 27% on the previous year.

78% of projects concluded in 2020 were effective, increasing several kinds of return for the organisation:
// Acquisition of technical and technological knowhow;
// Attracting new clients and strengthening current markets;
// Product distinction;
// Industrial ecoefficiency;
// More environmentally-friendly processes


Alguns Projetos I&D em 2020


Based on the principles of the circular economy, Mundotêxtil, in close conjunction with the University of Minho, is developing the TerryPlanet project. TerryPlanet seeks to develop innovative terry fabrics based on the principles of the circular economy, involving the use of natural but sustainable fibers and inclusion of fibrous residues, as well as increasing durability and reducing the quantity of raw material used.

In coordination with production reality at Mundotêxtil, this project will focus on 4 fundamental parameters which rely on the principles of the circular economy:

  • REDUCING consumption of raw materials by making new absorbent structures which consequently consume fewer products in the dyeing and finishing phases;
  • REUSING Mundotêxtil’s residues in new components designed with recycled fibres;
  • Using SUSTAINABLE fibres, using emerging natural raw materials;
  • INCREASING the durability of terry fabric structures by combining new fibres/fabrics/finishes, to make longer-life materials.

iTechStyle Green Circle

Acknowledgement of Participation in Modtissimo online and iTechStyle Showcase and iTechStyle Green Circle - an initiative seeking to promote, on international markets, the excellence of Portuguese textile products in terms of sustainability and the circular economy. Mundotêxtil, in line with its strategic circular economy principle, has presented a creation made using 100% cotton terry towels, made from 50% waste from our production process. Thus, we achieve more sustainable production, reducing the waste generated during production and reducing the quantity of raw materials used, the end result is a piece with design, innovative and more sustainable, incorporating fibrous residue from our production.