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About Us

Mundotêxtil is internationally recognized as one of the world's leading producers of home textiles.

We operate under a vertical business model, which begins with the purchase of yarn and ends with the delivery of the final product.

Based in the city of Vizela, northern Portugal, we export 98% of all our production. We have more than 600 employees who work with great professionalism every day to get the final product to more than 45 countries.

Mundotêxtil have been investing in research, development and design ever since the company was founded, in 1975, and can offer a portfolio of products and services with high added value. We thus anticipate the trends of the most demanding markets, meeting the expectations of all our customers and partners.

We are a company with a clear strategic business focus and we stand out for our profile of quality, service, design and innovation.

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This is our commitment – aiding our client’s growth and our community’s and team’ prosperity. This is why Mundotêxtil is wholeheartedly involved in the success of those around us, making us a part of each of them. We have taken up sustainability as a PARTOFUS, we seek to add value and positively impact the quality of life of present and future generations. We are deeply involved in constructing a sustainable future, minimizing environmental impacts of our industry, aiding local communities, achieving stellar economic results and motivating our teams to reach our collective objectives. Up to now, we have learned from the past improved the present and ambitiously face the challenging future ahead of us always with the same drive, power and purpose. Because Mundotêxtil is APARTOFYOU.


Match the markets’ and clients’ demands through a sustainable value sharing business model encompassing qualified and motivated resources capable of creating value through innovation and sustainability.


To be a benchmark for excellency in our sector and markets by innovating, being competent across all areas and maintaining our focus on sustainability.




Our staff is intrinsically aligned with our company’s ethical code. All relationships are built on trust and commitment to seeing every promise through.



We utilize the best prime materials, equipment, processes and human resources in the development production and distribution of our products.



We go above and beyond all legal obligation and have the highest level of certification of social conduct and environmental responsibility. We seek to adopt behaviours and attitudes that contribute to a better society in general and in particular our adjacent communities.



We add value to our offer through a dedicated R&D department and its wide network of innovative partnerships. This allows us to keep our focus in finding innovative, sustainable and differentiating alternatives.



We commit to planning, managing and executing all our projects with the highest of rigour across the value chain, meeting and exceeding stakeholders’ expectations.

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